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The ISO 17799 User Group Interview

The following questions were presented:

What made you set up a user group for ISO 17799 professionals? Why and when?

When I first started working with ISO 17799, or BS7799 as it was then, it was clear that there was no easy reference point for issues: basically nowhere to go which was free and easy to discuss matters arising, problems, or indeed anything pertaining to the standard. This made study and implementation to some degree a voyage in the dark: others had trodden the path, but they were not easy to contact, at least on a quick and easy daily basis.

Of course I had seen forums and user groups on the net supporting other areas, from hobbies to academic disciplines. But I could find nothing covering the standard.

Hence, eventually, I decided to create one myself. Essentially to act as a vehicle to bring ISO 17799 professionals (and others) together. A sort of meeting place, for the sharing of information and free discussion on the topic.

It moved slowly at first, but by 2003 we had a specific web site (originally we shared), and had launched the forum itself.



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