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The David L Watson Interview

The following questions were presented:

Any last points?

Just a couple:

l   Always read what you sign and if you do not understand it don’t sign it and get a qualified opinion;

l   Do not breach your contracts or confidentiality undertakings;

l   Check what your CV says about you – how can I use this? If ever I am doing a pen test, corporate raid or attack, then the first thing I look for is a contractor who has worked for the organisation. They usually have enough on their CV to give me enough information to get into the organisation by social engineering or electronically;

l   Contractors (or other third parties), awareness training, documentation, ownership and management commitment will be your five biggest worries

l   If the job is no fun, get another – why should you put up with all the crap, be poorly paid and be miserable all at once.



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