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The ISO 17799 User Group Interview

The following questions were presented:

What are the biggest problems you have encountered, and how did you overcome them?

We have had a few problems, but fortunately, not too many

Originally, the problems all related to technology. None of those involved had much experience with server technology or hosting, thus our original choice of host could have been better, and we made mistakes with the implementation of the web site software. However, we got on top of all these matters reasonably quickly.

On a longer term basis we have the same problems every major forum and online user group has. These are largely in the area of moderating the forums themselves.

The issue isn't with the members at all in fact: it is with visitors who simply wish to use the message board as a vehicle for other matters. They spam with board with commercial links, or other inapproriate material. Hence moderation is fairly intensive. We check every forum constantly to ensure that only related messages remain in place.

It's hard work, but the continued growth proves we have been successful.



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