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The David L Watson Interview

The following questions were presented:

Do you still undertake ISO 17799 / BS7799 related work?


I still do the very occasional CB audit to keep my hand in.

Most of my work recently has been on the other side of the fence and assisting organisations achieve certification. In that way, I am ideally place as both an Auditor and as a Consultant to see both sides of the coin.

I have assisted, with my team, in the last 3 years between 5 and 10 organisations get through certification or that are well on the way to achieving certification.

To do this we have developed and accelerated methodologies to assist clients achieve their certification.

This has also led to the development of some tools that assist the organisations to achieve or maintain certification.

These include a learning reinforcement tool and an auditing tool and there are plans on the go for an ISMS generator.

I have offered the editor of ISO 17799 and BS 7799 assistance for the new Metrics Part of the standard it was to be BS 7799 Part 3 I believe, but will be ISO27004. The level of my involvement is not year clear, but I am sure I shall be involved with BS 7799 for many years yet in one form or another.



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