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The David L Watson Interview

The following questions were presented:

Where do you see the standard going in the next few years?

The standard will become part of the ISO 2700 series with new additional parts as below:

l   ISO 27000 – The Information Security Series

l   ISO 27001 – BS 7799 Part 2

l   ISO 27002 – ISO 17799

l   ISO 27003 – Implementation Guidance?

l   ISO 27004 – Metrics and Measurement

l   ISO 27005 – Risk Management?

Certification numbers will keep on increasing, especially in the Far East (bit of a no-brainer that one, David)

There will be more proscribed processes in BS 7799/IOS 27000 and other management standards that risk become more divorced from the way businesses are actually run and so they will risk alienation from the business.

A more centralised core of management systems, based on the Deming Cycle will be introduced and the standards that we know will become plug-ins to the master management system. This may not happen due to political considerations of the various people who run and manage the various individual standards.

Information security will still be seen as an overhead and something that management have to put up with. They will do as little as possible to ‘get by’. This is for both corporate systems and Governmental ones.

More individuals, but not many sadly, will be subject to possible jail sentences for information security failings.

Most of these will appeal and be tied up in court for long periods of time.

They will have better barristers than the Government and so they will win eventually



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