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Which is your Favorite "It Couldn't Happen Here" Story?
Who Audits the Auditor (issue 10)
The Disgruntled Employee Strikes Again (Issue 10)
Intellectual Property Rights (Issue 10)
A Simple One - But A common One (Issue 9)
The 'Perfect' Business Continuity Plan (Issue 9)
Confidential User-Ids (Issue 8)
When is Disposal is Not Disposal (Issue 8)
Answering Machines Have No Loyalty (Issue 7)
The Old Duplication Trick (Issue 5)
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**The Newsletter**

The ISO 17799 and ISO 27001 Newsletter is published periodically, and provides news and background for those interested in this standard and in security generally. We also provide occasional 'breaking news' bulletins covering major events related to the standards.


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