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ISO17799 News - Issue 2

Welcome to the second edition of The ISO27000 Newsletter, designed to keep you abreast of news and developments with respect to 17799 and related information security issues. The newsletter comprises a combination of inclusive articles and the identification of useful and topical sources on the web.

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"To counteract interruptions to business activities and to protect critical business processes from the effects of major failures or disasters" - ISO17799 SECTION 11 OBJECTIVE "A business continuity management process should be implemented to reduce the disruption caused by disaster and security failures (which may be the result of, for example, natural disasters, accidents, equipment failures, and deliberate actions) to an acceptable level through a combination of preventative and recovery controls." - ISO17799

The tragic events of the 11 September have resulted in a reappraisal of disaster recovery arrangements by many companies. Firms who supply products which assist with contingency planning and crisis management are reporting a significant increase in numbers seeking advice and guidance.

Terence Hewett, of Glendale Systems, developers of the BCP Generator product, comments, "Companies are recognizing that they need to give greater importance and urgency to preparing for unexpected events that can affect their ability to stay in business. If your disaster recovery plan is in place then you have a reasonable chance of staying afloat if disaster strikes your business. This is obviously in your shareholders', your customers' and your employees' best interests."

For information on the BCP Generator see: The Business Continuity Plan Generator





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